Eichberg Hall

22 Main Street, Champaign

Opened 1872

Closed circa 1895

The building that housed the Eichberg Opera House was built in 1872 at 22 Main.  The 1878-79 City Directory lists just one opera house - the Eichberg Opera Hall, and the Eichberg is the only hall listed until the 1890 directory when it is joined by the Swannell Opera House and the Walker Opera House.

Max Eichberg and Ben Baer operated the Eichberg & Baer New York Store on the ground floor, selling, among other things, dry goods, notions, and carpets.

The ticket office was on the second floor and the opera house was on the third. 


The Eichberg Opera House ceased operations sometime after 1895.  The space was then used as the Masonic Temple until early January, 1914, when the Masons moved to their own newly constructed building.

The opera house building had been purchased by S. A. Nelson.  After the Masons moved out, Nelson spent $500.00 to completely renovate the opera house space for use as a public hall to be known as Nelson Hall.

In the early 1960s, the building was heavily damaged by fire.  It was then razed and the land became a parking lot.