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Encore Theatre

The Encore is one of the incarnations of the Varsity, Rex, and Illini theatres.
The Encore opened March 1963 and closed February 1966.

The Art Theatre Guild ran a revival house for a few years in the theatre originally called the Varsity.  In March, 1963, the Guild re-named the Illini Theatre the Encore Theatre.  As the name implies, the theatre featured older films.  It was more than a second or third run house, though, the audience was encouraged to suggest which movies they would like to see again, and the movies could be of any age.  Suggestion boxes were provided at both the Guild's theatres, the Art and the Encore.


The revival policy continued until February, 1966, when the Art Theatre Guild changed the name back to the Illini Theatre.  Along with the name change, the Illini was now an "adult theatre" showing X-rated movies. 

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