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Merry Widow Theatre

67 East University Avenue

This is part of the current (2020) location of the Champaign Police Department.

Opened 6 June 1908
Closed August 1908

The Miebach Brothers, proprietors of Wm. Miebach & Co. hardware store, opened The Merry Widow Theatre in their building on East University Avenue on Friday, 6 June 1908. [1] 


A small announcement in the Champaign Daily Gazette of Monday, 8 June 1908 announced:

     “The Merry Widow Theatre – The cool amusement       place, just opened with new songs and illustrated         pictures.  Under Miebach’s Hall, open evenings at         7:15.  Admission 10c.” [2]

The City and Vicinity column in the Tuesday 11 August 1908 Champaign Daily Gazette noted that “The Merry Widow Picture show on East University avenue, has closed for a month.” [3]

It appears that it never reopened.  The city directory lists The Merry Widow in only the 1908 edition. [4]


Merry Widow ad.

Champaign Daily Gazette Tuesday 9 June 1908.


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