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Collection of photos from the local newspapers from the showing of Hard Days Night

More information is forthcoming.  Photo numbers are placeholders.
beatles group0001.jpg
Promotional hand-out
hard days night0001.jpg
Photo 1
hard days night0003.jpg
Photo 3
hard days night0004.jpg
Photo 4
hard days night0005.jpg
Photo 5
hard days night0006.jpg
Photo 6
hard days night0007.jpg
Photo 7
hard days night0008.jpg
Photo 8
hard days night0009.jpg
Photo 9
hard days night0010.jpg
Photo 10
hard days night0011.jpg
Photo 11
hard days night0012.jpg
Photo 12
hard days night0013.jpg
Photo 13
hard days night0015.jpg
Photo 15
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