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The Virginia Theatre

Shows and Photos

Virginia Theatre 1920's.jpg

This undated photo shows the audience at an unidentified show.  Note the back of the main floor.  There was no back wall - the auditorium was open to the lobby.  Photo courtesy of the Champaign County History Museum.

1960s Virginia Theatre.jpg

This undated photo shows the Virginia Theatre proscenium.  Photo courtesy of the Champaign County History Museum.

These are just a few of the live performances and movies that played at the Virginia over the years.
19220205su_TCNG_pg15_Virginia ad_The Iron Trail_edited.jpg
Mrs Fiske The Last Card program b-w_Virginia.jpg
CNG_10071923su_pg28_Virginia ad_Ed Wynn coming Wednesday_edited.jpg

Ed. Wynn starred in
The Perfect Fool
on 10 October 1923

mrs fisk edited.jpg

Minnie Maddern Fiske starred in The Last Card at the Virginia 9 January 1923.  She was typically billed as "Mrs. Fiske."

Fred Stone
starred in Tip Top 
on 3 May 1923
Virginia program.jpg

The Iron Trail played 6-8 February 1922.  A newsreel, comedy short, and several musical selections were standard parts of the program in addition to the feature film.

sancho panza pgm.jpg

Otis Skinner appeared in Sancho Panza on 16 December 1924.

He returned to the Virginia 10 March 1927 in The Honor of The Family.

Denishawn Dancers photo.jpg

Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn with their Denishawn Dancers

appeared at the Virginia 2 March 1925. 

19270822mo_CNG_pg08_Virginia ad_Metropolis_edited.jpg
August 1927
udc_041027su_pg29_rogers keaton virginia ad ed.jpg
Virginia program_The Barker_Thursday 6 October 1927.jpg
Will Rogers with lariat.jpg

Will Rogers appeared in person on

11 April 1927.  In addition to his monologue, he gave  a roping demonstration.

December 1927

The MGM production of Ben-Hur was directed by Fred Niblo.

Ben Hur 1926 program.jpg
Esther ED.jpg
Ben-Hur ED.jpg

May McAvoy played Esther and

Ramon Navarro played Ben-Hur

Souvenir program from the collection of Perry C. Morris

Virginia program_The Beggar's Opera_Thursday 8 March 1928.jpg
Virginia Program_Oh, Kay_Monday 26 March 1928.jpg
Virginia program_Broadway_Thursday 29 March 1928.jpg
dempsy ad001.jpg
CNG_05141933su_pg21_Virginia ad_King Kong_edited.jpg
19340902sy_CUNG_pg17_Virginia ad_Treasure Island_edited.jpg
Original Beef Trust Girls 600dpi.jpg
19340826su_CUNG_pg22_Virginia ad_Bowery Follies_edited.jpg
The Little Foxes program_Virginia_11011940 Friday.jpg
citizen kane ad001.jpg
Talullah Bankhead as Regina.jpg

Tallulah Bankhead starred in The Little Foxes at the Virginia on 1 November 1940

The movie version of The Little Foxes began its run at the Virginia on

19 October 1941.  Bette Davis had the starring role that Tallulah Bankhead had played on Broadway.

19411019su_TNG_pg29_Virginia ad_The Little Foxes_edited.jpg
My Sister Eileen program_Virginia_12101941 Wednesday.jpg

Virginia Theatre facade.  "Smash Up: The Story of a Woman" was released in 1947.  Photo courtesy of the Champaign County Historical Archives in The Urbana Free Library.

virginia smash up.bmp
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